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Home Sweet Home

Ok so Lulu and I went to Lexington to kinda scope out the houses and maybe... just maybe make an offer on one. I hoped we'd at least get that much done. Just to put my mind at ease. Instead we just went ahead and bought a whole damn house. Easiest money I ever spent. Oh and so much for putting my mind at ease. Now I'm worrying about moving, buying furniture, paying the mortgage, blah blah... and so on. Mom came up with us and was just as excited as she could be about us getting this place. We did some fancy wheelin' an dealin' to get the house at a pretty decent price, and for that I was proud of Lauren and I for sticking to our guns.

Anyways, if you want to see the house I've thrown together a page that will *probably* work. You can find it here


Posted by: Tyler on Apr 06, 03 | 6:32 pm | Profile


Hey Mef.

Congratulations. I wish I'd found your blog earlier. Best of luck.


Posted by: Rian on Apr 03, 03 | 12:15 am

My New Kentucky Home!! Amen!!
Wow, what a smart and dedicated couple you two are! Those sellers never really had a chance...poor guys!

What a GREAT house!

Posted by: M on Apr 06, 03 | 9:05 pm

This is Great!!! It is beautiful. Way to go you two! Uncle Doug and I love it.

Posted by: Mert & Doug on Apr 07, 03 | 5:48 am

So what are the Homeowners Assoc. going to say about all your cars on cinder blocks in the yard? Nice house. Save me a bedroom I'm movin' in.

Posted by: Randy on Apr 09, 03 | 9:03 am

Hey Tyler and Lauren. Congrats on the new home purchase. It looks really nice! I am going to miss you guys when you move away. I guess you are going to the dark side now, going to Kentucky (hehe). Anyway, give me and jennifer a call and we'll come up. Let us know when the big move day is!
Brett Bilbrey (as if I had to put my full name.)

Posted by: Brett Bilbrey on Apr 22, 03 | 3:27 pm

Hey TJ! whats that crazy face on you Intra-wb cam? it doesn't look right and its scarin me...


Posted by: Tr0ll on Apr 23, 03 | 5:24 pm

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