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Lord have mercy... we've just spent all weekend packing boxes and throwing stuff away. Some of it I didn't even know we had (I mean like I'd never laid eyes on it) and some stuff I thought has be lost to the ages. Some I was glad to recover, and other things I felt like I couldn't escape. We're almost done now, with nothing left to pack up except my computer room.

My mom came into town and helped us out immensly. She's a slave driver I tell you! Actually nah, she was a good motivator, since she was panicky about getting it all packed up in time. Nothing like a little anxiety to get your ass in gear. We all got a little tense at various times during the move but we didn't have any major arguments and we're all three still on speaking terms, which is good (and not always the case when Lulu and I have to pack up and move together.)

We did hit one road block though... NAP TIME. Mom and Lulu succumbed to naptime yesterday afternoon for a good 2 hours. I think someone slipped em a mickey while we were at lunch.

PS~ I also added the link to the new forum on the left nav bar. Still haven't finalized the colours yet though. Bear with me.


Posted by: Tyler on May 26, 03 | 3:10 am | Profile


thanks to mitzi for all her hard work.
i also enjoyed my nap.

Posted by: lulu on May 26, 03 | 6:42 pm

LOL! I tried to outrun that nap monster but he got the best of me after all!

Wow! What a move but you're both tough and have hung right in there!

Hang Ten and Right the Wave to the Shore!

Posted by: M on May 26, 03 | 9:58 pm

I mean "Ride the Wave"....
Brain Fog Victim.

Posted by: M on May 26, 03 | 10:11 pm

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